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Native Beauty, According to a Native Woman

All throughout my childhood, my mom always reminded me that each person is made up of four components: physical, which is your physical body; emotional, your emotional state along with your feelings; ...

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Part One: Acknowledging My Herstory and Identity for MMIWG

Tamara shares her journey to know herself through her mother’s MMIW story. An aspect that is often forgotten when someone goes missing or is murdered is the impact on the family—especially the childre...

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Wayne William Snellgrove, Man of Two Mothers

The folllowing biographical story was written by Charlotte Miller and shared with Native Hope by Wayne Smoke-Snellgrove. Wayne William Snellgrove stepped off the tiny duel prop plane in Wadena, Saskat...

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Capturing the Heart: Healing Through Art and Story

At Native Hope, we work every day to empower and strengthen Native American youth. We know how many challenges they face—from abuse, addiction, and hunger to trauma and a lack of job opportunities in ...

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Writing His Own Future: Jatonne's Story

To know Jatonne is to love Jatonne. "Growing up, I always thought there was a certain way people thought I should look…a certain way people thought I should be," he explains. Music has always been his...

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The Fire Within Her

For 28 days it burned. Swallowing cords of word, the flame became a member of the tribe, a confidant to prayers, and promise of renewal. It was fed by stories of hurt and despair. Day after day, the f...

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Two Worlds, One Journey

Each of us has a unique story to tell. Our journeys are colored with varying experiences and upbringings, often shaped and molded by some aspect of our different cultures. For some of us, we have very...

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A Spark—Alexus Little

“I’m doing something. You can do something. Be a light for everyone else around you,” encourages Alexus Little, a member of the Cherokee nation who lives on the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe reservation in ...

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A Portrait of Hope: Jaime

Imagine your belief system, identity, and family all being stripped away from you. Imagine an entire culture being traumatized and the effects of that trauma being carried over from generation to gene...

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