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Mental Health issues from historical trauma plague Native Americans

People claim to “be there” for the 1 in 5 who suffer from mental health issues. However, those who suffer, particularly from multiple layers of trauma, feel alone a majority of their days. The reality...

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Native American land and loss - Part 3

"The Dawes Act affects me every day," explains Peter Lengkeek, Tribal Chairman of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe (Hunkpati Oyate). Peter holds out his hand and continues, "Because of the Dawes Act, I own ...

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Native American land and loss - Part 2

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."   In the first installment of this series, I mention this notion regarding Native American Land and Loss. The age-old phrase still applies as we look at aspe...

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Native American land and loss

According to Google Maps, the United States of America is 3.797 million square miles (mi²).   New England measures in around 46,000 mi² (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and ...

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Nyal Brings: Passing the Torch

When I asked Nyal Brings Three White Horses [Brings] how he had become such a motivated man and mentor to others, he recounted a childhood memory involving his brother. He said, “We started the barn o...

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Nyal Brings: Following a Dream

At many points during his college career at the University of South Dakota (1956-1960), Nyal Brings Three White Horses [Brings] contemplated quitting school. “If you don’t finish school, what will you...

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Nyal Brings: The Early Years

I don’t remember when I met him. Some people we meet, and others, we just know. Nyal Brings was one of those people whom everyone in our community just knew. He was known as “that runner who beat Bill...

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