Tamara Colaque

Tamara Colaque
Tamara Colaque is part Chicana, raised from the villages of San Ildefonso, San Felipe and Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. She aspires to become a published writer, multimedia artist, and entrepreneur. Tamara studied New Media Arts and Business Entrepreneurship at the Institute of American Indian Arts, where she received her BFA. Previously, she worked on multimedia productions for legislative campaigns, funding, commercials, documentary video, student shorts, interactive installations, radio/video broadcasting, and web series. Tamara is a passionate storyteller, dedicated to break down walls, ceilings, stereotypes and injustice across the Earth. In 2019, Tamara acted as Podcast Coordinator at Native Hope. She resides in Albuquerque, NM, where she continues collaboration on various multimedia and web development projects.

Recent Posts

Part One: Acknowledging My Herstory and Identity for MMIWG

Tamara shares her journey to know herself through her mother’s MMIW story. An aspect that is often forgotten when someone goes missing or is murdered is the impact on the family—especially the childre...

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Part Two: Acknowledging My Herstory and Identity for MMIWG

Part 2 of Tamara’s story highlights her struggle to find answers surrounding her mother’s murder and her hopes that sharing her story will encourage others to break their silence. Native women and chi...

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