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Native American Boarding Schools and Education History

The earliest schools for Native Americans were most often mission schools, founded by different religious groups in the United States, Mexico and Canada. In 1819, Congress passed the Indian Civilizati...


Dennis Metcalf

Dennis Metcalf
Dennis Metcalf, a young man of the Hunkpati Oyate, is facing down the difficulty and discovering healing through art. His work tells a powerful story of uncovering culture and identity. Dennis is on a journey of healing through sharing his art and story with the world. The act of drawing gives Dennis a space to explore, to process his life, to express himself, and ultimately to dream.

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An education journey and the need to go further

My reservation, the Crow Creek Indian Reservation, lies along the Missouri River in the middle of South Dakota, where long stretches of land move like waves. Riding in the car to and from Chamberlain ...

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December 20, 2020



Our Healing Begins with Storytelling.

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