Hope Report: January 2021

Feb 4, 2021 | Native Hope

Working hand-in-hand to help those in need during this pandemic is an honor. Each week we visit with our contacts, tribal employees and program directors, to determine the needs of the children, elders, and families they serve. Primarily, we determine if there are families in quarantine in need of groceries, hygiene, or cleaning supplies and if tribal programs need baby supplies, snacks or activities for kids, and other necessities. Once we have the requests, we get to work! The generosity of our donors makes all of this possible. Throughout the pandemic, Native Hope and community partners have put dollars into action.


In addition to our on-the-ground work, Native Hope is committed to heightening awareness around Murder and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW). Part of the effort includes the production of a short film Voices Unheard. On January 20, we hosted a premiere showing at the State Theatre in Chamberlain, SD, for the high school girls who attend St. Joseph’s Indian School. After the showing, the girls’ counselors, who were also in attendance, expressed their appreciation for the film’s content and the conversations it inspired. Please take the time to watch the film and share it with people. Our goal is to bring forth the voices of the MMIW to find audiences, so meaningful action will begin.


Philámaya for your ongoing support.

Each day presents new challenges, but because of you, we can help and inspire hope.