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Hope Report: October, November, December 2022

Thanks to you, Native Hope continues to create a meaningful impact. The past three months have been filled with many smiles as we continue our important work. "Thank you for your help with Christmas g...


Audreyanna Martin

Audreyanna Martin
Audreyanna Martin grew up in a small town in central South Dakota—Chamberlain. She graduated from Chamberlain High School in 2016, and in the fall of 2016, she started her freshman year at Augustana University [Augie], in Sioux Falls, SD. She is currently a senior and will graduate in May of 2020; she studies in Anthropology and History. At Augie, she has been active in choir, intramurals, and Anthropology Club. Uncertain of her exact plan after graduation, she hopes her path will lead me into a career helping others.

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