Telling the Native Story: Three New Resources to Inspire Hope

Jul 19, 2018 | Native Hope

Here at Native Hope, we are committed to creating a space where the Native story can be experienced, where Native voices are heard, and where Natives can inspire other Natives to move toward hope and healing.

As part of our effort to honor the Native tradition of storytelling, we are telling Native stories through our media team, the work of our Fellows, and now, through three new resources that look to the past, experience the present, and dream of the hopeful future for the indigenous peoples of North America.

As Lakota scholar, Dr. Marie Yellow Horse Brave Heart says in her work about historical trauma, "first is confronting the historical trauma. Second is understanding the trauma. Third is releasing the pain of historical trauma. Fourth is transcending the trauma.” 

We hope that these three resources inspire hope for each of you as we all choose to confront our hurt, to become aware of our patterns, to release the pain of our hurts, and to choose a better future for our children.


Reflecting On Our Foundations: The History of Native American Life and Culture


The story of the North American indigenous peoples is a story of loss, hardship, violence, betrayal, and misappropriation. It is also a story of community, spirituality, diversity, honor, and resilience. This resource looks back at the history of Native American peoples in this country.

Explore the Past

Understanding the Destruction: Native American Life Today


This resource highlights the serious challenges that Native Americans face in order to better understand how we all can support Native voices that are rising strong to share their stories of hope. 


Explore the Present 


Building a Hopeful Future: The Restoration of Native American Life and Culture



In this digital resource, we share glimpses of the hopeful revitalization we are seeing in every area of life and share stories about the courageous and vulnerable Native leaders who are leading the way forward to renewed courage and strength.

Explore the Future

Each person and each people has a unique and unrepeatable story to share, a story that has the power to move minds and hearts. It is up to each of us to choose to share our stories, to encourage each other, and to move toward a future that is full of hope and healing.

We are grateful to all of you for sharing in the work of Native Hope. Share these resources with others who may need inspiration or information, reach out to us with comments or questions, and share your own story of struggle, hope, or healing with your communities. Together, we are changing the future for Native American peoples.