Topic: Stories of Hope

Wayne William Snellgrove, Man of Two Mothers

The folllowing biographical story was written by Charlotte Miller and shared with Native Hope by Wayne Smoke-Snellgrove. Wayne William Snellgrove stepped off the tiny duel prop plane in Wadena, Saskat...

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In the Field with Native Hope: November

The Native Hope team is back with some updates on our work in the last month! Through the power of the internet and social media, we are able to have larger conversations with the country and world ab...

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Sharing Powerful Stories of Hope from the #StorytellingHeals Campaign

Two weeks ago, we launched the #StorytellingHeals movement because we knew that many of you had powerful stories that needed to be shared with the world. We have not been disappointed. In these two we...

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"Writing Was My Outlet, My Church": Poetry and Wisdom from Sunny Red Bear, Native Author and Activist

This November, Native Hope launched a movement of healing, solidarity, and hope focused on hearing and sharing Native stories. #StorytellingHeals is an effort to share more stories of hope, creativity...

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In the Field with Native Hope: October

As we move into the month of November and begin to share stories from Natives around the country who are participating in the #StorytellingHeals movement, we are also celebrating and sharing the work ...

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Bus Tours, Art Shows and More: In the Field with Native Hope

The Native Hope team is back with another update about our events and activities in the last month! Our mission is about hope and healing, and a huge part of hope is sharing about the positive activit...

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The Science Behind the Healing Power of Storytelling

Have you ever been so wrapped up in a story that you forgot about your worries and escaped from your troubles? Have you ever been hungry to find out what happens next in a story about make-believe peo...

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In The Field with Native Hope

Our team has been busy the past few months attending various events out in the field to inspire hope for Natives and teach the youth the importance of values and education. Continue reading to see wha...

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Capturing the Heart: Healing Through Art and Story

At Native Hope, we work every day to empower and strengthen Native American youth. We know how many challenges they face—from abuse, addiction, and hunger to trauma and a lack of job opportunities in ...

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