Remembering Our Heritage

Oct 16, 2017 | Native Hope

Looking out over the prairie and into the hills, taking in the beauty of mother earth
Family working together, a warrior hunting for food and a new mother giving birth
Family circles sitting together to bead, while the children play in sight
One tribe working together, through the day and into the night
I see the bond, I see the smiles, and even though a chore, we live in love
HOPE, our knowledge, our joy, our future, right now it’s enough

Looking out over the dirt roads, to the homes which we were sent
We were promised we could stay together here, but we live in torment
Families struggling to make ends meet, watching the tears that fall
Living with the addiction, abuse, and depression that is written on the wall
I have seen what I can’t unsee, and even though a chore, we live here in our fears
HOPE, my wish, my desire, hope to live free and stop the falling tears

Looking out over this life, from what it was and what it has become
Remembering the songs and still hearing the drums
Listening to the elders' stories wishing for what was, once more
Our children need these memories; they need that open door
Let’s take each other by the hand and move all as one
Just take the first steps, and the walk has now begun
I see a new path we must walk, and even though a chore, NATIVE HOPE is here
HOPE, when Natives and hope are brought together, we have nothing to fear


Anonymous Native American author.