Season 2, Episode9 - Joseph Marshall III

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: In this episode of the Native Hope Podcast, we are joined by Joseph Marshall III, who is a Lakota historian, teacher, writer, actor, and storyteller. Raised on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, Joseph spent his youth listening to the captivating stories of his grandparents. As he matured, he realized that there seemed to be fewer and fewer storytellers in the world. This instilled in him a drive to become a writer to preserve and perpetuate the Lakota perspective. As Joseph discusses his journey, he offers bits of grandfatherly advice to those seeking to make a difference in their communities. He talks about the advantage of fiction writing. He also speaks on the necessity to write about the Indigenous perspective in an ever-modernizing world. Joseph delves deep into his creative process, as well as the obstacles we must overcome. He describes the importance of storytelling, and how it unites us. Joseph ends his podcast with his future endeavors, as well as an inspiring message for aspiring writers.

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Joseph Marshall III Joseph Marshall III with production crew

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