Season 2, Episode 6 - Nikki Lowe

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: In this episode of the Native Hope Podcast, we sit down with the Bureau of Indian Affairs [BIA] police officer, active community servant, and devoted mother: Nikki Lowe. Coming from a reservation background, she shares her past experiences as the motivation to fulfill her life’s calling. Servicing the community as an officer is far more than a title for her but is the means to reach those who are most in need, starting with the youth.  

Nikki discusses what it took for her to discover her passion for martial arts and law enforcement. Not shying away from personal details that involve losing loved ones and battling the sadness that results from such lossshe speaks from her heart. Before becoming an officer, her prior work was divided between the areas of suicide prevention, domestic violence, anti-bullying advocacy, sexual assault awareness, and substance abuse prevention. As a survivor of suicide, Nikki has risen from all obstacles, reclaiming her power over her own life and empowering others to see the value of their lives. She says, “Love yourself; you are important and are here for a reason, keep going so you can find out what that reason is—do what Creator put you here to do.”  

Motherhood has played the largest part in her story; she credits her children as being the prime motivator for her drive. As a loving mother, she stresses how important it is for Indigenous parents and role models to remain present by not allowing social media and technology to replace important human connectivity. Aside from providing her advice on positive ways to heal, she shares her future goals within law enforcement, how she still makes time to integrate martial arts within her schedule, her role as a Native Hope Fellow, and what to expect next!  


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