Season 2, Episode 5 - Renata Yazzie

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: Renata Yazzie is a Dine woman with a passion for classical music. At the tender age of three, she learned how to play piano by her mother’s side. She began formal lessons at the age of four. Her love of playing led her to study music at the University of New Mexico. Renata is wrapping up her Master of Music degree in Musicology and Piano Performance. Not only has her research led her to juxtapose classical music with that of her people’s music, she contextualizes what was happening historically in Navajo country at the time a piece of classical music was created. Renata also expresses the complications of being a Native student in such a conservative field of study. Whether it be financial difficulties or dealing with ignorance from the general public, she overcomes her struggles by seeking support and following her passion no matter what.

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