Season 2, Episode 11 - Nocona Burgess

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: On this episode of the Native Hope Podcast, Comanche painter Nocona Burgess discusses his journey to become an artist. Inspired by his ancestor, Quanah Parker, Nocona’s art acknowledges the lives of Indigenous ancestors through his colorful portraits. He describes his research methods as a necessary step to creating intentional pieces of work that honor those he paints. Although some artists are secretive, Nocona’s way of giving back is by being open about his success. He believes in lifting others by sharing the knowledge he acquired through his experience. He offers valuable advice to up-and-coming artists regarding the need to market, network and to never stop learning. Above all, he attributes his success to being dedicated to his craft and good old-fashioned hard work. With truth and humor, Nocona’s words provide guidance to any artist navigating the fickle art industry.

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