Season 1, Episode 9 - Tiny Yvonne Decory

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: In this Native Hope podcast episode, we speak with Yvonne “Tiny” Decory, a strong Lakota woman from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. She has made it her life mission to aid in combating the issue of Indigenous suicide. As a member of the BEAR [Be Excited About Reading Program], she works to encourage the “celebration of life” through literacy, performance art, community outreach and counsel. She shares with us her unique approach to counseling, steering away from common forms of shaming the individual in need; she expresses listening and empowering people to live is more effective than stating that they have no reason to be distressed. It is important for us to listen to the stories of others, though they may be painful and covered in layers of hurt. Through expression and the use of personal voice, life can be fully embraced and our trials overcome. One can survive as long as they refrain from being silent. Take the initiative to listen with heart and speak from the heart.

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