Season 1, Episode 6 - Haley Laughter

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: Haley Laughter, a member of the Navajo Nation [Dine], is the owner and founder of Hozho Total Wellness, a mobile yoga studio catered to bringing healing and physical vigor to indigenous populations. In this episode, she describes her journey to finding healthful benefits and mental perspective through the practice of yoga. Having experienced a heart-wrenching breakup that “felt like a divorce,” she needed an outlet for transpiring these heavy emotions. Her first experience was within the realm of hot yoga, which she recalls as being very physically intense. However, being naturally drawn to self-challenging situations, she kept it up. The persistent nature within herself aligned her with this important calling, in which she says she “found a safe space” to express the energy surrounding her personal pains. Through yoga she learned how to “recycle energy rather emotion, turning low low vibrational emotion into something good.” Now as an instructor, she regards the importance of mind over nerves and breaking insecurities.

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