Season 1, Episode 5 - Christopher Mike-Bidtah, Def-i

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: Christopher Mike Bitah, known publicly and professionally as “Def-i,” joins us in this episode of the Native Hope Podcast. As a talented hip-hop artist and MC, he shares his journey to finding his style of expression, which for him started many years ago. His music has been enjoyed and celebrated throughout the Navajo Nation, the greater United States, and the world. Featured on the popular hip hop music news platform, Sway in the Morning, he has been recognized on impactful level. There are no limitations to his passion, as he has ventured out of the USA to Nigeria, Africa, as an artist educator through Next Level USA. He speaks of this trip in this episode. Def-i believes in the importance of raising the comradery in the Indigenous community, as communal support can raise the vibration of our vast tribal nations. Obstacles are part of every worthwhile journey, and he speaks of how he overcame them with the level of honesty so respected in his music.

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