Season 1, Episode 12 - Felicia Nez

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: Felicia Nez, a female-identifying Navajo [Dine] multimedia, experimental artist, joins us for this episode of the Native Hope Podcast. Aside from sharing her personal journey within her field of work, she explains the nature of her mediums and themes that are at their core. She has taken it upon herself to explore her place within academia, as well as bringing an institutional critique to the table. Felicia has a Bachelor's degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Filmmaking and Animation and is currently studying Experimental Art at the University of New Mexico. She has expanded upon her art forms into areas of clay work. Felicia is honest when she speaks of her personal trials in life, as she believes truth is the pathway to reclamation. Her work centers around “re-evaluating the meaning of being an Indigenous artist,” her interpretation of the regressive nature of the concept of “decolonization,” and “reclaiming abstract, landscape, and representation of the female body.”

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