Season 1, Episode 10 - Blake Poquette

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: Blake Poquette, a proud member of the Cherokee Nation, joins us for this episode of the Native Hope Podcast. He has spent years working as a stunt man and stunt coordinator for many Hollywood film productions, including the feature film, Cowboys and Aliens. In this episode he takes the time to share with us on topics concerning the need and importance for Indigenous representation in filmmaking, in both Hollywood and in independent realms. Coming from the unique background of growing up in Oklahoma to “seizing opportunity” in Los Angeles, his transition to the big city was more than worth it! It takes courage, faith, endurance, and a clear vision to make a dream come true in a different part of the country, but it is an unavoidable part of his distinctive job. Join us for this podcast segment, as Blake shares tips for success and his hope for the future.

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