Season 1, Episode 1 - Kelly Holmes

ABOUT THIS PODCAST: Kelly Holmes, a member of the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation, joins us for this episode of the Native Hope Podcast. As the founder of the Native Max Magazine [NMM], a creative platform focusing on indigenous fashion, she speaks on topics relating to identity, self confidence, creativity, passion, the beginning of her career in modeling and fashion, as well as the origins of NMM. She describes having conflictions with her personal self-esteem while as a youth; it was not until she was sixteen years old that she foresaw a fuller and more accurate vision of herself, having been "discovered" by a model scout at a pow wow. There began her passion for expression, human form and aesthetics. Having been described by her classmates growing up in an urban environment as "exotic", she has worked to eliminate the cultural stereotypes surrounding indigenous people, by encouraging indigenous representations in media. Inspired by her mother, she shares her approach to the misconception that Native people no longer exist, through non-violence and the sharing of stories, culture, and language of indigenous people.

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