Mní Wičóni - "Water is Life"

Mní Wičóni translates to “Water is Life.” When called upon to think about something as essential yet basic as water, most don’t give its existence a second thought. Many people associate this life-sustaining substance with abundance, purity, and permanence.

Images of vibrant rivers flowing, sparkling lakes, and powerful waterfalls come to mind. However, this is not the full picture. Although we take for granted the rain and direct access to flowing water, by way of our taps and faucets, water is precious and scarce in many communities across the world, throughout the country, and within numerous tribal nations.Untitled design copy 2-1

Because Native people are traditionally water protectors, Native Hope views the United Nation’s World Water Day on March 22 a significant day. To commemorate, we are sponsoring a coloring/drawing contest for youth. Our kola (friend) Dennis Metcalf, Hunkpatí, has sketched coloring pages for each age division—see rules and categories below.Native Hope Coloring Contest-1

We would love participation from young relatives and encourage them to think about “Why water is life?” Native Hope celebrates the UN’s efforts by creating awareness about this important day along with the world effort to keep in mind that water is a precious resource granted to all of us by Unci Maká (Grandmother Earth).


Please join us in celebration! If you can’t participate, please feel free to download and use the coloring pages as a gift from Native Hope.

Coloring Contest

Topics: Cultural Awareness and Revitalization