A Gift of Hope for Mother’s Day

May 8, 2017 | Native Hope

One of a mother’s greatest gifts to her children is the ability to nurture and care for them in a safe and loving environment. Unfortunately, there are mothers today fighting to provide these everyday, "basic” needs that most of us take for granted. There are mothers who are searching for a way out of domestic abuse and seeking a brighter future for their families—a future filled with hope and not fear.

For this very reason, Native Hope partners with programs that offer a refuge for women and their children to get back on their feet and realize the hope of a new beginning. The Sacred Heart Center, located in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, is one of our partners dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault find a safe place to stay for themselves and their children.

Staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week, this organization gives women the assistance they need while they recover from the trauma that they have experienced. Private bedrooms allow a woman and her children to have their own space and the assurance of security. The center is also devoted to offering discretion and confidentiality at all times to ensure the safety of those seeking their assistance.

The center’s sexual assault coordinator, Robin Lebeau, is passionate about the work being done at Sacred Heart. She says, "Being a child survivor of physical and sexual assault, I have made it my personal mission to give back to society as a whole, not just to Indian country.”

She firmly believes that "we cannot continue having a revolving door, where the abuser returns to the abuse. In order for true social change, empowerment, and justice to occur, we need the continued resources to make it happen. I believe the key to fulfilling Sacred Heart’s mission to eradicate violence and oppressive practices is equipping people with the necessary tools and resources to break the cycle.”

Robin shares that many women come to the shelter with their children and have absolutely nothing. She says, "We are able to give them a sense of comfort that although they are experiencing trauma, a new beginning is happening.” She continues to share her ambition by emphatically stating, "I want to empower people to love one another, to find their own voice, and to work every avenue in order to have a healthy relationship with all mankind.”


This Mother’s Day, give the gift of hope to mothers who are striving for a new beginning. You can be a part of helping to break the cycle of abuse and empowering women to take back their lives. Your gift will help provide food, shelter, counseling, and hope to mothers fighting to make a new start for themselves and their children.