Honoring Dads Who Make a Difference

One of a father’s most important jobs is providing for his children. He works hard to support them, teach them, and protect them. Unfortunately, there are many children today who are struggling to survive without their basic needs being met. They are growing up in homes where addictions, abuse, and violence keep them from being able to thrive and succeed.

Kansas, a Native Hope Ambassador, has experienced firsthand the trials of overcoming addiction. Through both his struggle and triumph, he has learned the most valuable lesson of all: the importance of being present and available as a father. He talks openly about the effects his wrong choices had on his family as a young man, stating, “My addiction consumed my life, my family’s lives, and my dearest children, Nate and Lael, suffered because of my actions.”


Kansas is passionate when he shares about the personal growth he has experienced while navigating through the journey of fatherhood, striving every day to be there for his children. “I know I’m growing as an individual and most importantly as a father. I know I’m not the best father, but I also know I’m not the worst. My children and I have been through a lot together because of various reasons, mainly because of my choices and actions I made as a boy,” he states.

He is determined not to let past mistakes and bad choices define his future as an individual or a father, and he proudly professes,

“Being a father is by far my greatest achievement. Some say our children need their parents, and I agree. But I also think parents need their kids. I know my children bring out the best in me.”


Kansas encourages others by saying, “Parents, young and old, expecting or experienced, please take my advice. Addiction isn’t worth losing your children. I’ve been fortunate to have such loving children who love me unconditionally, but it isn’t worth it.” He continues, “I changed while my children couldn’t understand exactly what was going on. Please invest in your children; no drug is worth the time you will never get back.”

Today, Kansas is setting a loving example for his children. As one of our ambassadors and directors of our Leaders’ Society, he strives daily to be a positive impact and influence in both his children’s lives and the Native youth in his community. He hopes that as he shares his struggles and life experiences with the future generation, he can help inspire and guide them down a path that is free from addiction and full of possibility.

He commissions all fathers, “Love your children, play with your children, talk with your children, and most of all just give them your time and show them the way.”

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