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The Lakota Magician

Reuben Fast Horse, the Lakota magician, understands the world of creating illusions. He believes that magic holds the key to altering perceptions, and he serves as an amazing teacher. Through a combin...

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Living and Loving Like a Lakota

“I am gonna do this...I’m gonna fix this...I am gonna do something. It’s gonna be huge, and you guys are going to fight me on this...but I am crazy about you [Lakotas]. I can’t stop,” declares Jacob H...

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When Words Won't Come

“When I was younger, I believed the world was against me; it never offered me anything meaningful—it often showed me cruelty, which gave me a negative outlook,” shares Dennis Metcalf, artist from the ...

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Alone, Dennis sits in his backyard where the uncut grass taps his jeans. The sun shines on his black, rough hair. “Bang!” A gunshot rings out from down the street and “Bang!”—another. Dennis sits unda...

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Creating an Impact in the Future of Native American Youth

One thing is for sure, Stephan Cheney, Lakota and member of the Kul Wicása Oyáte in South Dakota, shares his zest for life with just about everyone he meets. Currently, Stephan is living and working i...

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Lose the Language, Lose the Culture

Imagine losing the ability to question, to state, to joke, to think. Language is the core of expression and offers a unique view of the world. It encompasses a history—the history of a people and thei...

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It All Starts with Education

Why focus on education? Because education changes lives. “I hope my kids get out and see that there is more than the reservation,” a young Lakota father says. “There is opportunity out there—more than...

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The Nyal Bring's Run: Creating a Legacy

Ready, set, go. Approximately sixty runners and walkers hit the streets of Chamberlain, SD for the Nyal Brings Three White Horses Memorial 5k run on August 11. The run commemorated the life of Nyal, w...

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The National UNITY Conference: A Unique Experience

On July 5, the Native Hope Leaders’ Society (NHLS) set off for Denver, Colorado, to experience the UNITY Conference. Thanks in part to the generous donations from our donors, five students and three m...

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